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Lally Homes is a full-service custom development firm that simplifies the green building process from start to finish. From development permits to the physical build, Lally Homes will work with you to create a healthy, sustainable, and energy-efficient development that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

After decades as leading custom developers, the team at Lally Homes recognizes the movement toward energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly homes and apartments. We are experts in green building and committed to developing high performance, efficient builds that combine form, function, and sustainability.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly design and custom building development, Lally Homes is excited to work with you.

New development




During the development stage, or the community planning phase, the Lally Homes team will work with you to assist in purchasing land, securing permits, and ensuring your site is made suitable for building. Whether you have already acquired your land, or you need assistance in finding the perfect site and obtaining permits and zoning, we are ready to work with you to prepare to build. No necessities are overlooked as we prepare for construction of your new, custom, sustainable development.


Design is the next step in the process, from creating a floor plan to incorporate all the features you need in your custom apartment or home, while also taking lot size, building site characteristics, and sustainable features into consideration. We will work with you to design efficient use of space. Whether considering number of suites per floor in your purpose-built apartment complex or the best way to incorporate natural light into your space, we are detail-oriented.


Once all decisions are made in the design stage, we are ready to begin building. Our team of certified tradespeople and partners perform the physical work of constructing your custom development. The Lally Homes team oversees all contractors and sub-contractors, eco-friendly material ordering and delivery, and regular inspections to ensure your build is on time and on budget.


Inspections will happen throughout the building phase, during which our inspectors ensure each component of your purpose-built development has been constructed with the utmost care, meets all code regulations, and that all interacting systems work together for a safe, sturdy, clean, and sustainable result. If anything is found lacking, our team will ensure it is corrected to the desired result. Once construction is complete and all inspections have passed, you will receive a certificate of completion and the development is yours!

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